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A second group of articles tackles theoretical. Methodological aspects In conducting this study, we have chosen to use one of the fundamental methods in sociology, namely the sociological survey quantitative research.

Thus, the favorable attitude of the media can positively influence the attitude of the members of an organization and its external environment, and the most effective relationship with the media always begins with precise definition of objectives intrkducere efficient communication.

The way in which managers combine these types of processes defines their communication style. Schwerpunkte der deutschen Grammatik: Mass media is a change agent and it is influencing people on any levels.

The personal locus operates consciously and unconsciously. Eugeh addition, they strive to create in the members of the public a state of mental accessibility for the intended meanings. Romania cannot wait until the debates and rivalries around ML will end they will not.

Professional Communication and Translation Studies 9/2016

The set of media patterns described until this point is forming in the same time the way in which contemporary Romanian public is perceiving the situation from within national educational system. The Issue of Poor Quality — From Plagiarism to Low Level of Quality in Romanian Contemporary System of Education The first element, one which is very lingvlstica to notice in the nowadays Romanian media, is reflected through press releases which are underlying the very poor quality of contemporary national educational system from the country.

Also inceased the production of saloon and estate models. The quality of the conference and of the contributions, the peer-review procedure, and the international scientific board are some of the reasons for which we believe that this volume will follow an ascending trend, as well, and that it will contribute lingvisticz the dissemination of knowledge and advancement of new theories and research findings in humanities and social sciences.



Media message involve paradigmatic choices — selecting from a range of possible elements. Ideile teoretice principale saussuriene sunt: The study conducted by Carmes and Galibert showed that even decision-makers at a lower hierarchical level feel the same information exclusion as the executive staff. Intranet networks were designed for the internal space of the organization and they reflect the vision of the organization’s management regarding institutional relations.

Anyway, in some cases they could be able to expand the general audience and to make it more receptive to the subject. Even if the friends list includes people never met in real life, but only via the Internet, the interaction with this group is rather reduced. The main advantages of this communication tool felt both by employees and by managers from different hierarchical levels are: One is underlying the absence of a realistic correlation between what the educational system has to offer to the work market of the country and the other points out that even in those cases which this correlation could be identified the graduates are very bad prepared, in terms of their professional training, and because of this they are not ready to be properly integrated within a performant work market.

His main areas of research are specific didactic issues of translation and interpreting, community interpreting and translation of commercial texts. The new handbook of organizational communication: She teaches English courses for the following faculties: The image crisis occurs when goods or services are no longer searched the same on market and the goals honesty, fairness and legality of the organization actions become topics of public or legal debate.

Formats and Editions of Introducere in lingvistică []

Sinceshe has been researching for her PhD thesis entitled: Raluca rated it liked it Nov 19, In a healthy academic environment, the phenomenon of plagiarism is rapidly and efficiently sanctioned because the system has its own healthy antibodies capable to react and to maintain the sanity of the entire structure. Image crisis that resulted was mainly due to failure to provide stability criterion in time. Starting with the influence the Intranet has on communication management and on the role of mid management within the organization, efficiency coefficients were provided to the communication processes that the mid-manager has the freedom to combine within the types of organizational relationships that they are involved in.


Media messages are carefully designed combinations of various elements, calculated for maximum impact. The primary purpose of media is to generate profits. Also, as long as the Intranet occupies a large part of the information component, we consider the aspect of correct understanding and interpretation of the information as important and we assign it the coefficient 2.

Carte Lingvistica Generala

The skills are the tools that allow users to construct knowledge structures and to process media messages. These building blocks are selected, manipulated, and coordinated using professional editing methods for enhancing the meaning of the message. Armand Colin, Paris,p.

The quantified managerial matrix of managerial communication style in organizations that use the Intranet 3. In these circumstances, the role of middle management is fundamental for organizations.

Moreover, the press materials are almost coswriu accompanied with very negative comments. This option is justified because: Teoria Generala a Magiei Teoria magiei, lectura.

On the one hand, it would be advisable the development of a national curriculum in formal media education and, on the other hand, a public and private support for ML projects and programs at national, regional and local level.